Sugar Land, Texas

Sugar Land Economic Development

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The Starting Point

Sugar Land may have have come from a small sugar plantation back in the day, but today you will find a sophisticated and progressive city that is pushing the boundaries of partnerships and growth in every way. But even while being a diverse and highly educated city, this beautiful community just southwest of the Energy Corridor in Houston, Texas has carefully maintained its close knit family atmosphere. Their struggle was conveying the story of all this growth and diversity through an outdated and inadequate website.

Screenshot of Sugarland's home page

Our Solution

Incredible community and unmatched opportunity- this phrase was what we kept coming back to as we walked through the process of unpacking and discovering the story that Sugar Land had to tell. For a community the size of Sugar Land to still have such a sense of culture to it is truly something to talk about. From an economic marketing side of things, the opportunities that are ripe for investment in Sugar Land stand out even next to a city as diverse and exciting as Houston. In addition to the messaging, the new brand that the city had just finished creating gave us a modern design element that allowed us to 100% transform both the message and the look of the Sugar Land Economic Development website.

Two ladies posing in front of the Sugar Land sign

The Website

Simplicity and clarity are the two things that became the guiding goals of the new web presence for Sugar Land. Present exciting opportunities and local success supported by compelling data and allow the beauty of the city to live visually through photography. You don't have to wrestle with competing messages or too much information immediately on the homepage. Instead you are guided through the site via linking and organization in a way that allows a viewer to find exactly what they want while also being confronted with the important information that the EDC wants them to see in the process.

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