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Burleson, Texas

Burleson Economic Development Corp.

The Starting Point

Burleson, Texas is a vibrant re-surging city just south of Fort Worth. With a fantastic "Old Town" area, a fresh city hall community pavilion and a solid core of companies in the mix, Burleson had just completed a full rebranding of the city. As we began diving into this project with the team the timing put us as the first agency working with any of the departments to take the new city brand and interpret that look into something like a website.

Our Solution

We knew that if we were going to bring this new brand to life along side the story of business in the city, it had to begin with genuine, high quality visuals. So the groundwork for showcasing the growth and vibrance of Burleson was really laid with the photography we were able to capture to start the project. The discovery process we went through at the beginning of the project helped us identify a set of key advantages that we wanted to drive home along side the new BTX Made brand to bring Burleson's story together.

Screenshot of Burleson's home page

The Website

The simplicity of the homepage coupled with the uniquely Texas cattle-brand type feel of the Burleson logo is immediately engaging. Photography from around the community supports the key advantage area that calls out the strengths of Burleson. Internally our writers created most of the new site's content from scratch to communicate clearly the story of growth and opportunity coupled with the data to support it. We think you will agree that the resulting product feels authentic to the community and the brand of Burleson, Texas in every way and invites you in to want to learn more.

Burleson's site showcased on all platforms

“Our team approached EDSuite with a tall task; a complete website build that would not only suit all of our EDC needs, but adhere to strict new brand guidelines while complementing the City’s new website without mirroring their site directly. EDSuite was certainly up to the task. EDSuite’s technical ability and creativity made collaboration and design simple and easy. ”

– Alex Philips
Director of Burleson EDC

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