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At EDSuite, we're not about building just another website for another client. Our principles and process represent a commitment to collaborate and partner with you in shaping your city's unique stories and open pathways to new development and expansion of your existing business community.

Property Tool
A clean & powerful property search tool

Gather, track, and maintain the latest available property listings in your community. Our property tool is a fully searchable, economic development specific real estate tool ready to showcase your sites and buildings.

Major Employers
The better way to display your major employers data

Boring lists and tables for your major employers data are dead. Give your viewers an easy and interactive visualization of your top employers, categorized by industry, and pinned on a map.

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Job Widget
Support your local businesses & workforce

Companies in your area post to job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed on a regular basis. So why not make it easy for your potential workforce to find those jobs? Our tool guides you through a simple process of narrowing your search before connecting you to the jobs board for openings.

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Member Directory
Connecting companies with partners

Want to list out a directory of companies, service providers or investors? We make it easy and efficient with our directory tool. The company profiles can be varied based on investment level. Details cards pop-up when clicked for more info and include the option to feature videos and photos.

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Economic Incentives
Make your incentives stand out

Every economic development organization helps facilitate the understanding of and application for the incentives available in their area. Make yours easy to read, understand, and perfectly organized with this tool.

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Document Center
Maps, documents, & links organized

Easily organize and share critical information like documents, links, reports, and maps.

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News & Updates
Tell your story, one news item at a time

Keep web visitors engaged and returning to your site through the generation of unique blog content and news updates. Utilizing innovative design, EDnews facilitates fresh and engaging features and blog posts.

Agendas & Minutes
An easy and attractive agenda center

Board meetings are a regular part of an EDC’s existence. The Agenda tool allows you to easily post your agendas, amended agendas, minutes, and meeting video in an organized way for optimal convenience.

Staff & Board
Make Yourself Easy To Connect With

Among the number one requests from site selectors and investors when visiting an ED site is to make your staff info easy to find and easy to understand. Our Staff & Board tool does just that.

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Our sites come standard with these included features:

Full Custom Design

Restricted User Accounts

Responsive Design for Mobile

Scheduled Posting

Unlimited Webforms

Google Translate

Hosting Included

Easy Editing CMS Integration

SEO Optimized

Unlimited Pages

Version Control & Revisions

Social Media Integrations

Google Analytics

EDsuite Support 365

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