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At EDsuite, we’re not about building just another website for  another client. Our principles and process represent a  commitment to collaborate and partner with you in shaping your city’s unique stories and opening pathways to new development and expansion of your existing business community.


A clean & powerful property search tool

Gather, track, and maintain the latest available property listings in your community. Our property tool is a fully searchable, economic development specific real estate tool ready to showcase your sites and buildings.

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EDsuite has partnered with RealMassive, a leader in the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) data listing field, to provide an integration that will allow your EDproperties tool to automatically populate with the properties available in your city. This property information is collected and updated using a variety of techniques including direct relationships with CRE brokers and building owners throughout the country, partnerships with national syndication providers (e.g. Berkshire Hathaway), and automated web crawlers that collect publicly available information.


Maps, documents, & links organized

Easily organize and share critical information like documents, links, reports, and maps.

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EDdocuments allows users to switch between both list and thumbnail views, and feature links, photos, and PDF's. Items can also be tagged and then the list can be filtered.


An easy and attractive agenda center

Board meetings are a regular part of an EDC’s existence. The Agenda tool allows you to easily post your agendas, amended agendas, minutes, and meeting video in an organized way for optimal convenience.


Tell your story, one news item at a time

Keep web visitors engaged and returning to your site through the generation of unique blog content and news updates. Utilizing innovative design, EDnews facilitates fresh and engaging features and blog posts.


Invest in your local businesses & workforce

Post current job openings in your community and ensure that your area’s available workforce and talent pool stays up-to-date on new opportunities. Set local businesses up with restricted accounts to manage their jobs themselves.

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The EDjobs tool can be created as a stand-alone site or integrated into your EDsuite website. The stand-alone approach is perfectly suited for a regional or workforce focused approach. It makes the tool easier to find as a micro site with a custom domain, and can be branded with a seperate identity from your primary EDO site.


A searchable & sortable directory solution

Become the hub for your city’s manufacturing network. Connect businesses within and outside of your community with current contact information and website links.

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EDdirectories has a number of filter and field options that can be customized to fit your need. CSV import and export, as well as print options allow easy manipulation of the data by both your team and interested site visitors.



Make your incentives stand out

Every economic development organization helps facilitate the understanding of and application for the incentives available in their area. Make yours easy to read, understand, and perfectly organized with this tool.

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This tool comes preloaded with a general catalogue of federal and state level incentives for your location. Categories are adjustable for easy organization based on your approach to incentives for your city.



The better way to display your major employers data

Boring lists and tables for your major employers data are dead. Give your viewers an easy and interactive visualization of your top employers, categorized by industry, and pinned on a map.

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Your industry category list is built by you and specific to your city. Your companies can be assigned to and filtered by those industries to show industry clusters. Each company entry shows number of employees as well as an option to be marked as a headquarters location. Easily download the data from your filtered list with just a click of a button.

Our sites comes standard with these included features:

Full Custom Design

Easy Editing CMS Integration

Restricted User Accounts

SEO Optimized

Responsive Design for Mobile

Unlimited Pages

Scheduled Posting

Unlimited Webforms

Social Media Integrations

Google Translate

Google Analytics

Hosting Included

Nightly Backups

EDsuite Support 365

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