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Harlingen, Texas

Harlingen Economic Development Corp.

The Starting Point

Harlingen is true South Texas city with a fantastic cultural vibe and the advantage of border proximity without being right on the line. The EDC staff was ready to make a change to their existing site and take it to another level in terms of messaging and economic development focus, but they needed a partner that knew how to get them there.

Our Solution

When we start with a new client, we always start with the brand. The Harlingen brand was very recognizable, and we felt like it would be a solid foundation to build on. Where we felt things could grow and change to bring more of a modern vibe was in the fonts and color palette. We spent considerable time focused on strategy and discovery at the beginning of the project that really set the stage for a successful process of content creation and a site layout that would bring the focus of Harlingen's messaging to their advantages and their location in a big way.

Screenshot of Harlingen hompage on macbook and ipad

The Website

Harlingen's new site is unlike anything else in the region around them. With the fresh colors giving off warm, sunset tones and the site design focusing on using large local images, you really get an authentic feel for the city's natural look. Advantages, success stories, location highlights and news create an inviting homepage experience that draw you into the interior of the website. Identifying the talking points that Harlingen's staff was already using to promote the city enabled us to coordinate the messaging throughout the site around those. The finished product promotes Harlingen like never before from top to bottom.

Screenshot of Harlingen's properties on their website
Background view of a man on Harlingen's site on his computer
Harlingen's map surrounded by Texas and Mexico

“The EDSuite team took the time to get to know our community, walked us through the process of creating a new look and feel for our website, and organized valuable information and details to ensure our website would stand out from the rest of the region. They continue to offer support when we need it and are always a text, email, or phone call away. We are very pleased with the new look and feel of our website! ”

– Raudel Garza
CEO, Harlingen EDC

Screen shot of the success stories and demographics pages on their website
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