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Greater San Marcos Partnership

San Marcos Texas Region

The Starting Point

Texas is exploding with growth right now, and one of the hottest spots in the state is the South of Austin area that the Greater San Marcos Partnership serves. As a partnership organization comprised of both stakeholders, investors, and local/county EDC's, there was a real need to rework the messaging and the visuals of the existing website to better represent the region. Updating the existing but dated website was priority. GSMP needed a site that inspired more investment from local companies and better supported the claim to the title of the Texas Innovation Corridor they are seeking to be known as. So that is where we started.

The Project

Collaboration with the GSMP team played a huge rolling in getting this site and the messaging it would present right. We spent a great deal of time strategizing with both teams and working through solutions and a focus for the site that would meet all of their needs. Beginning this project during the height of COVID introduced its own complications, but through careful planning, clear goals, and a fresh approach to the brand we created what is proving to be the perfect solution.

The site features a custom membership directory that doubles as a resource for new businesses moving to town and needing services. It also features an interactive map of their region and a more detailed infrastructure map that helps interested investors get a feel for the innovation corridor.

“EDSuite’s economic development expertise and website development skills brought incredible value in understanding our website objectives, target segments, and information critical to the site selection process. Their team provided custom solutions that captured our region’s unique brand and personality. Our web presence is undoubtedly elevated thanks to their approach and dedication to fulfilling our vision. ”

– John Ellis
Vice President of Marketing & Communications
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