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Frisco, Texas

Frisco Economic Development Corp.

The Starting Point

Frisco, Texas has been exploding for the last 10 years. Ironically, that was also the last time their EDC website was updated. With a reputation for excellence and an audience of C-Suite execs like Frisco has, this project was well overdue. The challenge was finding a balance between showcasing the companies and brands that have made their home in Frisco while still clearly displaying the opportunities that are still available within this fantastic North Dallas city.

Frisco EDC Homepage banner image

Our Solution

This project was a unique one in that it required a high level of collaboration between the EDSuite team, the EDC staff and several additional partners that work with the organization in an ongoing capacity. Our goal was to create a visual presence that felt as high-end, yet approachable as Frisco does. We wanted to be sure that the finished product communicated the professionalism and organizational ability this city has to work with world class organizations like some of the ones who already call Frisco home- The Dallas Cowboys, PGA of America, eSports, and many others.

Frisco EDC examples of what the site looks like on different platforms

The Website

When you land on the new Frisco website the brand is the first thing you see and its iconic feel is carried through the entire site. Using a video hero we were able to showcase the breadth of the business and growth happening in Frisco in a eye catching way. Content and messaging was a major focus during this project. Communicating a spirit of innovation and an investment in emerging industries like eSports was important to part of the Frisco story. This website also received an IEDC Excellence in Economic Development Award at the 2021 IEDC Annual Conference for their category.

Frisco EDC shown on a laptop screen

“The Frisco EDC partnered with EDSuite to update the EDC website which was nearly 10 years old. EDSuite’s spirit of collaboration resulted in a modern and sleek site that showcases Frisco as a top US destination for corporate relocation, retention and expansion. We are thrilled with the results! ”

– Leigh Lyons
Director of Marketing & Communications, Frisco EDC
Frisco EDC internal page on a laptop screen
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