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The EDO Marketing Funnel: Consideration and Intent Tools & Tactics

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Great news - at this stage of the marketing funnel, you have reached two key milestones: your prospects are aware of your community, and they are actively showing interest in you. Now it’s time to show them why you are the right choice for their investment. You can achieve that by providing a seamless experience for them during their buyer’s journey that caters to them, provides them with quality information, and offers a solution to their problems.

 The consideration and intent stages of the marketing funnel are critical. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to guide your prospects into the final purchasing phases through strategies and tools such as website creation, web tools, content marketing, webinars, incentives, direct mail, and digital advertising.

Website Creation

Having an effective website that captures your visitors’ attention with compelling visuals and provides comprehensive information about what you offer is essential for any business or organization when creating a new website. SEO-friendly content will help ensure that potential customers can easily find your site on search engine results pages (SERPs), and incorporating features that facilitate a seamless user experience and drive users to make a desired action, such as contacting your EDO, will help move your prospects forward in the marketing funnel.

Web Tools

The right web tools can help ensure that the consideration and intent parts of your marketing funnel are functioning properly. For example, by leveraging customer relationship management (CRM) software you can effectively track leads generated from websites or other sources while getting insights into customer behavior that can be used to refine your strategy over time. Other helpful tools include A/B testing platforms which allow you to experiment with different versions of content in order to measure effectiveness more accurately.

Content Marketing

Content marketing also plays an important role in building out these sections of your funnel, as great content helps establish credibility among prospects as they consider selecting your community. Crafting top-notch blog posts on topics related to your community, target industries, and more is one way to get started with content marketing; including videos or podcasts in your arsenal can also make it easier for potential customers to consume information about you without having to spend too much time on reading lengthy text pieces.


Putting on informative webinars is another fantastic way for businesses to shine during these stages in the process. Through webinars, you are able to directly engage audiences with topic-specific presentations which further strengthens your organization’s position as an expert source that prospects may want to do business with when they eventually reach the purchase decision point down the line.


Offering incentives further entices customers towards selecting your community by placing extra value on doing so through grants, tax breaks, or special financing both now as they make their initial investment, and towards improvements and purchases they make in the future. Doing so increases chances for successful conversions in the long-run!

Direct Mail & Digital Advertising

Finally, using direct mail campaigns in combination with digital advertising such as pay-per-click (PPC) ads ensures maximum reach when targeting potential customers at each stage in your marketing funnel process. With direct mail being more personal than digital solutions like email campaigns, it's often seen as more trustworthy among certain consumer groups. PPC ads provide greater scalability by allowing campaigns within specific budget constraints and data that help make better informed decisions possible through advanced reporting techniques (such as retargeting visitors who have already interacted with ads before visiting a destination site).

By using the tactics and tools above to lead your prospects through the consideration and intent stages of the marketing funnel, you are creating a relatable and customized buyer journey that will guide your prospects through the final purchasing stages and beyond, setting the stage for a collaborative relationship in the future.

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