Texas EDC

Texas Economic Development Council

The Starting Point

Texas Economic Development Council is an incredible resourcing and training organization for economic developers in the State of Texas. EDsuite has had the privilege of partnering with TEDC for over 10 years now, and we were excited to work with them once again on this new project. As a membership organization of over 800+ members, it has always been  essential that the management software used to handle their day-to-day interactions works seamlessly with their site and provides the tools needed to their staff. After 4 years of growing and changing, TEDC had finally outgrown their previous system. In addition to needing a software change, the site was also beginning to feel dated and a little too busy.

Our Solution

The first step was to help the TEDC staff evaluate new management software options. Once this was decided on, an intense process of wire framing, and evaluating user flow and content layouts allowed our designers to understand how everyday TEDC members interacted with the website. Meanwhile, our development team tackled the difficult integration process of connecting the new management software with our website CMS and the design.

A TEDC conference with attendees surrounding each table
Screenshot of TEDC's conference page on their site

The Website

Though the process was at times challenging, what came out on the other side was a beautifully updated website experience. The site feels much lighter, brighter, more welcoming, and fresh. The navigation of the site and its content makes more sense and is easier to maintain for the TEDC staff. Upgrades to the CMS created time saving processes for them to easily manage the every day tasks that used to be a burden, and the membership software flows through many of the pages to automatically update the content, keeping it fresh and current with the latest membership & updates.

TEDC's site on an ipad and an iphone

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Joel and the EDSuite team. We have been utilizing their services for over 15 years and the final product always exceeds expectations. The whole team is extremely detailed oriented, easily accessible and proactive. ”

– Carlton Schwab

Screemshot of TEDC's login screen for their members
TEDC's site on a mobile device in front of a computer
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