Rochester, New Hampshire

Rochester Economic Development

The Starting Point

Rochester is a gorgeous town located in the scenic New England area. It is known for its tourism and easy access to abundant outdoor attractions, but the economic growth in the city was beginning to turn heads. With this new growth, a difficult challenge the city was facing was living in the shadow of the larger name recognition of Rochester, New York. The city needed a fresh web presence that balanced the need to showcase the growth in cutting-edge industries with the natural beauty and attraction of the area for life and family.

Our Solution

Immediately upon landing on the site, you are greeted by a trendy, yet friendly color scheme that fit both the industry focus and need for a welcoming vibe. A beautiful full-width map area clearly defines Rochester's location and its connections to the major highways and cities of the East Coast. Image blocks located on the map identify two of Rochester's key expanding industries, with the goal of linking the city's name and location with these target sectors. The interior pages of the site are no less engaging, as they clearly and concisely tell the story of vibrant growth that is the heart of this New Hampshire community. We are proud to share that the end result of this close collaboration between Rochester's dedicated staff and the EDsuite team was a well-deserved IEDC award win.

Working with ED Suite for over ten years has been wonderful. Recently recognized by economic development industry leader, International Economic Development Council, for our website, we are thrilled by the forward facing design along with the responsive EDsuite team behind the scenes, helping us to meet the evolving needs of our business community and future stakeholders.

Karen Pollard
Economic Development Manager
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