Kyle, Texas

Kyle Economic Development

The Challenge

Kyle has always been in the perfect location for anyone wanting a great community to live in and just outside of Austin. However, that brought with it an image of being seen as only a bedroom community when it came to retail, development, and local growth. Kyle has been a faithful client for over 8 years with EDsuite, and with this newest site we set out to help Kyle tell the story of the change they were bringing about in their community through their new web presence.

Our Solution

Kyle settled on a messaging approach using the phrase ‘More than a home’ to begin shifting the perception people had of the city. Using that phrase and an eye-catching aerial shot of the new growth and expansion happening on the highway in Kyle, we were able to immediately tell the story of a community with exciting growth that way ready for business. The rest of the site layout and content continued to shape that vision as anyone who navigates this IEDC award-winning website.

EDsuite's focus on economic development helps them deliver a stellar product. In 2017 Kyle's website was awarded the Silver Excellence in Economic Development Award from the International Economic Development Council. A true testament to the work done by EDsuite!

Diana Torres
Director, Kyle Economic Development
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