Denton, Texas

Denton Economic Development Partnership

The Starting Point

Denton’s story is a compelling one. Which is seen in the rapid growth and the future projections for the city continuing that. So when Denton, who was already a client of ours, was ready to refresh and reinvigorate their web presence, our task was to convey that growth and excitement through their new site.

Our Solution

As you roll down Denton’s new homepage, it is specifically laid out to communicate their primary messaging points. You will see highlights focusing on their access and proximity to the Metroplex along with the local benefits and advantages Denton has to offer. Interactive elements that draw the viewer in and a clear path through the site to the data and information the EDP wants you to find make this site a perfect hub for the economic efforts of Denton EDP.

This is the second website project we have done with EDsuite, and their product continues to impress. They worked closely with our staff to understand our goals and they created a web presence that fully represents the growth and vibrance of Denton.

Adam Gawarecki
Vice President, Economic Development
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